Father Graham Hullett ;
Lifetime Achievement Tribute 2005

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NEW - The Graham Hullett Collection.

270 plus largely unseen photographs from the cafe racing Rocker and 59 Club heydays!

For the original Rockers that remember the old 59 Club at Paddington, Father Graham Hullett will be no stranger. However, many of those new to the scene will know nothing of the great effort he put into keep the spirit of the rocker club alive. If you do remember those early Rocker days and were part of them, or those of you that were too young but respect them, we are organising a tribute / benefit for Father Graham Hullett. The " other half " of The 59 Club.

Previously somewhat written out of history as Father Bill Shergold, initial promoter of John Oates's 59 Club as a motorcyclist's club, enjoyed the media's attention, Graham Hullett lifted The 59 Club to new levels of popularity, stayed with it for more years then Bill and became to many the heart and soul of the Club. Especially to the wayward lads and gals.

Never afraid to get his hands dirty and be one of us, to stand up to the mischief-makers, embodying what the spirit of club was originally meant to be for; there's no doubt that the Club - and even the subsequent Rockers' Movement as we know today - would not have been what it was without him.

Graham helped run many specialist sections in the club, journeyed with the lads to the infamous Elephant and Dragon Rallies and others, empowering the young Rockers by giving them a chance to take the initiative and determine the way the club ran.

A man of the people, an utterly decent chap;
Graham earned the respect of the Rockers and 59-ers.

Despite also being a man of the cloth, he was, and saw himself as, one of the lads. Albeit, a responsible one. Many will remember him fronting up to trouble at the 59 Club in Paddingtoon or having a good drink and mucking in with The Lads on the Isle of Man at TT Week. Always on hand to help, offer counselling and guidance with personal problems and the coppers and courts!

Graham is still alive and, despite suffering a serious illness a few years ago, is back up and still quite active. But he is not going to live for ever. Apart from old bikes, he has an interest in vintage diving and is an active hillwalker.

We want to honour him the way we know best before it is too late and also to present him with a very special lifetime achievement award on June 18th 2005 - before all that he gave goes forgotten and unrecognised.

Plans are already afoot but if you would like to get involved - and especially donate something to the tribute fund - we would really appreciate support in acknowledging his endeavours and compassion.


We are looking for 14 more donations to complete a total of 59 Real Rockers or Rockettes to donate 59 Quid for Graham's tribute.

Any extra received will go to equally good causes of his choosing. This is strictly all for Graham Hullett and non-profit. All donators will receive a special limited edition and signed photographic memorial print of Father Graham on his old Norton & new Enfield and certificate.

Official Statement by Len Paterson, April 10 2005 :

In order to avoid anyone being misled, this Lifetime Achievement Tribute has been organised by those "street" rockers for those real rockers that wish to contribute.

All donations will be held by the bank in a special fund and accounts will be available for inspection by demand.

If you are interested in helping or making a donation, please contact : Len at The Cylinder Head Shop.

Cheques or direct payments payable to :

" The Father G. Hullett Tribute Fund "
Account no : 02579037
Bank : Lloyds TSB
Branch code : 30-99-66

All donators will receive a personalised, name and numbered, autographed photo of Father Graham sitting on his Norton Mercury with Father Bill outside the church at Paddington.

In addition, they will receive *FREE* entry to " The Triumph of the Rockers " Dance on Saturday 18 June 2005 at Brent Town Hall - a saving of 20, see here for more details later - and an invitation to a private gathering. Instructions given separately to each donator.

or by post c/o The Cylinder Head Shop
Moorland House, Church End
North Somercotes, Lincolnshire LN11-7PZ

T : 01507 358666 F : 01507 359304

E: info@cylinderheadshop.co.uk

Thank you.

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