Micky Sheehan : Rocker's Requiem 1964

The Glory Boys ; photo by Micky Sheehan *
Micky Sheehan, was one of the first 59 Club members and took the photo above of his riding partners " The Glory Boys " in front of the 59 Cub van.

Micky died on his motorcycle in November 1964. He was aged 29.

Felled at the prime of the Rocker Movement, his death and funeral with full Rocker wreaths and cortege and attended by Father Bill Shergold, right, made national press.

His daughter Rosie Charlton, who was only 3 at the time and a true Ace Cafe baby conceived out of wedlock in 1961 [ naughty boy, Micky ... ! ], supplied us with these clippings and would like to meet anyone that remembers him.

If you can fill in an of the history of these pictures or would get in touch with Rosie, please do so via here. Thanks!

" ... a leather jacket did not a Rocker make. "

Although Micky certainly had his love interest swinging in the right direction, he appeared a number of times in the seminal movie " The Leather Boys ".

Seen here on an Ariel Arrow.