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270 plus largely unseen photographs from the cafe racing Rocker and 59 Club heydays!

For those of us " Dinosaurs " that remember the old 59 Club at Paddington, Father Graham Hullett will be no stranger.

However, many of the " Baby Rockers " will know nothing of the great effort he put into keep the spirit of the rocker club alive.
Whereas Bill Shergold was very much enjoyed the media spotlight as the face of The 59 Club for the Church of England over Curate John Oakley, the original founder of the London youth club ; for the rebel rocker element, the real heart and soul of The Fifty Nine Club was Father Graham Hullett. Graham was hands on with The Club from 1962 until 1970 staying involved to at least 1973. Yup, it might surprise you to discover that The 59 Club was a church run youth club intended to save the souls of errant yobs - but it was!

Graham was a biker from even before he went into the Army in Germany and a genuine friend to the young rockers. Bailing them out of trouble, enjoying a laugh on the Isle of Man, seeing them through hard times - often out of his own pocket and to his own personal risk - and sharing their love of motorcycles.

This page is dedicated to the ongoing memory of Father Graham Hullett, a real biker, and the real story of the rebel rockers of the 59 Club. Although it was certainly the time of their lives for all parties, there were always two sides to the 59 Club. The nice boys who came in from polite suburbs with helmets and all the latest gear to be part of a scene; and the greasy yobs that rode in hatless and gloveless on whatever hardware they could string together from local estates for the birds.

That cohort, that made up what was remembered as " The Rockers ", were the scene;
" ... a leather jacket did not a Rocker make. "

The Glory Boys ; photo by Micky Sheehan *
[ * Micky Sheehan died on his motorcycle in November 1964, aged 29.

His daughter Rosy Charlton, a true Ace Cafe babe, would like to meet anyone that remembers him or those days. Please contact her through us. ]

Whereas Bill felt he never really fitted in with " The Lads " [ you can read it in his own words elsewhere on this site ] and some of the the church sponsored committee had its own agenda that later led them to attempt to exclude the very same rocker element the club had been started to serve ; Graham was a friend to all, one of the lads and never hesitated to get his hands dirty. It is wonder that he had time to go about his church duties, because he was kept busy giving character references at Court for the yob element! Like Father Bill, Father Graham blessed many marriages between club members [ - there were many girls in The 59 Club and good girls they were too - ] ; counselling, protecting them and even marrying off.

We have many unseen photographs from the 60s, from the Rocker Reunion days of the 80s and 90s and will be posting them here as time allows. Along with fond memories, great laughs, saucy tales, shocking controversies, these momentoes are part of the living heritage that keep alive the spirit of the most exciting times for youth culture ever.

For interested historians, Graham is still alive and well and has recently been presented with a Royal Enfield Bullett by grateful rockers. If you are interested in him visiting your club, please contact us.

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