St Augustines ; The Yorkton Street 59 Club Site

Photographs from the heydays the heydays of The Fifty Nine Club, Cafe Racers and 60s Rockers; this is the Church of England site off Hackney Road in East London called " St Augustine's Church and Vicarage ". Site of the The Fifty Nine Club after it moved back to Hackney from Paddington. Sadly, the Paddington site and premises no longer having, like Yorkton Street, been sold off by the Church of England under the feet of the bikers.

For Sale - Click here !!! Your chance to own a big piece of British motorcycling history.

For a cool 1,050,000 Pounds, you can buy about 25% of the old Fifty Nine Clubhouse at Yorkton Street, in the trendy, up-and-coming atmosphere of South Hackney. Only two blocks up from the Hells Angels and walking distance to The City of London - London's " Wall Street " district.

This is the very same property that The 59 Club had for free and yet under the Leadership of Mike Cook and Scott Anderson, walked out of, or at least let the church soft shoe them out off, whilst whilst 150 Million Pounds a year German motorcycle clothing company Hein Gericke was passing off their trademark for free [ i.e. ripping their history, image and trademark off with a line of dodgy looking, bogus Rocker leather gear ].

An amazing walled complex of Grade II Listed 1920 Gothic buildings. The Million Quid buys you *just* the Clubhouse and old workshop alone [ see downloadable PDF file above for details ]. Then we have the 3 floor vicarage with offices at the back. Then we have the actual church building itselfs. And then we have a few smaller outbuildings around the site! The latter of which are now converted into a Yuppie art gallery, restaurant and bar - where the folks drink their alcohol and stub their cigarettes out on the original font.

As you look to the right of the tower, you see the old clubhouse building. To the left is the vicarage. At the back, through a cobbled courtyard that cafe racers used to be parked in, is the church and a number of outhouses. At the back is a large carpark.

The rightmost door underneath the tower at the front was the entrance to a fully fitted workshop with two benches, tools, waste oil tank and so on. The central door opened to the clubhouse, vicarage and courtyard. The church was accessible from both sides. The clubhouse alone had over 5,000 sq feet of floor space with 21 foot high celings, a 2,900 sq feet roof terrace and planning for residential, cafe, theatre use etc. !

Why did the Club Leaders let such an opportunity go? That is a story for another time.

For those interested in the real history of the 59 Club or capturing the original atmosphere of it, and those that wish to know or remember how great it once was; follow the link to check out the original site at the Eton Mission in Hackney Wick.

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